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Submission Query - Should Git Repo include the 'bin'/'obj'/'packages' folder for dependencies?'

Hi There,

Just trying to figure out if it is mandatory to include 'bin', 'obj' & 'packages' folder for the visual studio solution that contains the dependencies. I haven't been used to git much and have no idea why my 'bin','obj' &'packages' folder doesn't show up when i have already committed all my changes.

I know 'bin' & 'obj' can be generated when building for the first time already. Also, I know there is a way where the missing nuget packages can also be downloaded automatically when building for the first time. However i am not sure if that should be fine when the evaluation happens for the submission or if its mandatory to have those available under the repository.

Looking for an answer.

Rammohan B.


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    Hello Rammohan,

    You can also include the "bin", "obj", "packages" in you git repository.
    If those folders do not appear when committing changes, you can check if those folders are written in the .gitignore file (all files and folders written in that file will not be supervised by git)

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    I have included below file in github
    1) Package(nuget)
    2) Documents
    3) MIT license

    Still you need the source file(Solution file and dll)

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    Hi Arunpandian, thank you for your submission! You should include the source code in your GitHub repository as well, in order for the submission to be accepted; let us know if you some other questions

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    No questions and Thanks for the response

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