The main requirement for the hackathon is to build open source reusable components using the UiPath Studio that automate repetitive tasks in the workplace in one of the required categories. When submitting, make sure your repository includes all of your source code files, dependencies and the file types specific to the component category. Below you will find more information on each one, including their specific file type:


Custom Activities 

Activities which you will be able to install and drag-and-drop into your workflows in UiPath studio. They should cover areas which are not already handled by the default activities and activity packs which come with UiPath Studio. Good example: custom activity to upload the file to SharePoint. Bad example: Custom activity to run a query on SQL Server database (already covered in the Database activity pack, part of the core product). File type: .dll files


Ready-made dashboards which can be deployed by users in their environments. Will use the UiPath robot’s logs as a data source. Can be made in Kibana or any other reporting/BI platform. It would be great if a mockup is submitted along with the idea, or at least comprehensive descriptions of all the data points. File type: .json files

Automation Frameworks

A framework will handle many common tasks and components (e.g. error handling, reporting, transactional workflow, environment setup) and leave the development of the business logic up to the user. Good example: Robotic Enterprise Framework (generic framework for any transactional business process). Another good example: Framework for scanning documents and postprocessing them into a document store. File type: .xaml files

Application and Data Connectors 

Components which enable UiPath to “talk” to other applications. Good example: Connector for IBM Watson. Bad example: Connector for Excel (excel activities already exist in the core product). For data connectors: Good example: Components which enable UiPath to connect to external data sources. Good example: MongoDB connector. Bad example: SQL Server connector (already covered in the database package of the core product). File type: .dll files


Workflow Snippets are ready-made workflows which you can invoke/include in your own workflows in UiPath Studio. They should be reusable for as many users, environment and processes as possible. These workflows use the same deployment, versioning and release management like the binary activities. File type: .xaml files

Machine Learning Models 

Ready-trained machine learning models which can be used inside a project which leverages machine learning. Good example: image-recognition model for TensorFlow. File types: python scripts, tensor files, and more

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