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I do not understand this statement

UiPath is on a mission to help developers automate repetitive workplace processes and to increase employee productivity..

To increase employee productivity.. what does it mean? How?
Can you emphasize more on this



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    Hey Esedo, the idea behind this hackathon is to generate automation reusable components helping out RPA Developers across the world to reduce drastically their development effort. Imagine this: as an RPA Developer you have to automate several processes that all use at activity level (steps of the process) the same repetitive set of activities e.g Login/Log off of XYZ app you are using or updating same screens in the same app etc By creating reusable automation components for these activities, the RPA Developers will no longer need to spend effort and time to automate them each time but they will have the option to download them and invoke them in their automation workflows - hence significantly reduce the effort in development. Of course, depending on the complexity of the reusable component ;)

    Re employee productivity: RPA came in on the market as a need to liberate people from doing the same repetitive and boring activities on an on and by replacing humans performing this repetitive job with software robots that would mimic the human behavior on the screen - hence people would become ultimately more productive and more creative, as they don't have to waste their time on doing repetitive "no brain" work while the work can be "happily" delivered by a robot that would not mind doing them again and again and again and... :)))

    Hope this is useful, if not let me know. Cheers, Ana

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    ok. am now clarified. Thanks

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