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Hi, can we have more clarification on the changes of the prize in ML category? I do understand that you can make such changes as per the policy but frankly it becomes a bit unfair if these changes are made post the submission period that too when the prizes have been announced a long time back. People could have focussed on other categories then!

Also, some clarity on the popular vote, please?


  • Manager   •   over 4 years ago

    Hi Mashrin,

    We received, reviewed, and tested out a lot of excellent submissions. Based on the judging and eligibility criteria, we found that certain prizes categories did not have eligible submissions. The rules allow us to not award prizes if this is the case ("Poster and Administrator will grant one Prize for each of the above categories. The Poster reserves the right to not award a Prize for one or more categories if there are not sufficient quality submissions.") That being said, we wanted to award more developers so we created additional prizes. We hope you understand our position and we are very impressed by all of the components received.

    If you want, we can send to you additional feedback.
    All the best,

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    Dear Organiser,
    I wonder whether I can have the points / opinions I got from the committee for our submissions?They are very useful for our next competition or next development with UIPath
    MAny thanks

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